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Glenor Co Watch Box for Men - 12 Slot Luxury Carbon Fiber Design Display Case, Large Holder, Metal Buckle - Black

Glenor Co Watch Box for Men - 12 Slot Luxury Carbon Fiber Design Display Case, Large Holder, Metal Buckle - Black

Glenor Co Watch Box for Men - 12 Slot Luxury Carbon Fiber Design Display Case, Large Holder, Metal Buckle - Black

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  • 12 LARGE COMPARTMENTS- Each watch cushion holds a small or large watch neatly in place . There is plenty of space between the lid and cushions to accommodate watches of all size.
  • UNIQUE,CONVENIENT & ATTRACTIVE DESIGN - Glenor Co. Watch Box boasts a unique , beautiful and a more convenient design than the other watch boxes out there. Our talented team of designers have worked hard to produce the perfect balance of modern ,sophistication and class to create this unique box and its attractive metal plate. Unlike others our box can be easily opened and closed with one hand for the most convenient use.
  • GIFT BOX & BLANK CARD INCLUDED- An elegant gift box and blank card is included with each watch box for the most presentable gift giving. This makes a great gift for a father, boyfriend , husband, son, boss, friend or any other watch lover in your life.
  • Glenor Co watch boxes keep automatic and battery watches safe. Our boxes do not have any magnets in them so therefore will not cause magnetization to any of your watches
  • DIMENSIONS- Exterior: 14 ¼ Inches long x 8½ Inches wide x 3½ Inches high. Interior compartments: 2 Inches (51mm) wide x 3/½ Inches long.

Product Description

What Does Your Watch Collection Say About You?

Maybe you were drawn to a certain look or that high-life appeal- but true Connoisseurs know that collecting watches is more than what meets the eye.

At Glenor Co, We Know That Every Watch Has A Story To Tell....

It’s about crowning achievements that take you down memory lane. It’s a deep history that you feel proud to wear on your wrist- and those moments do not belong scattered in a dresser.

So Why Not Create a Shrine of Achievements You’re Proud To Look At?

Meet the Glenor Co Case; A Housing Worthy of Your Collection’s Finesse

· The patented design means your case is as unique as your watches

· The top-tier craftsmanship means your watches are well-protected for years on end

· The ample space means freedom from restrictions when it comes to larger timepieces

Here at Glenor, we understand the concept of uniqueness, and our Watch Box was designed exclusively to satisfy the standards that you, as a Collector, have set.

Glenor Co Designs- Perpetually Refined

As Unique as Your Collection

The patented design features a sleek carbon fiber design and metal accents that add to our minimalist approach.

With the clear, real glass top, you can display your collection in any prominent spot, in a sophisticated way that enchants.

A Pleasure to Use

From the sturdy hinges and the robust MDF frame to the deluxe PU leather cushions and stitch-less corners of our box, you get it all.

Enjoy a smooth opening action and craftsmanship with luxurious details that deliver an exquisite ritual from A to Z.

Space for Versatile Tastes

Whether you’re into mechanical or automatic movement types, flashy or discreet watches, our watch box obliges with its big, 52mm compartments.

Display all your Dive watches, smart-watches, dress watches no matter how big or small.

Glenor Co - Made to Impress

Glenor Co was founded with one goal in mind- to give you high-end means of storing and displaying your most precious possessions- and our watch box is no exception.

Packaged in a gorgeous gift box, this watch display case will surely make any special occasion a memorable one for watch collectors and enthusiasts.

What’s more, we also include a blank wish card, so you can add a personal touch for that special someone in your life.

So are you waiting for? Get the Genor Co watch box and make yourself or a special someone very very happy.

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