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Island Falls Home Zen Garden Kit 11X8 Inch Beautiful Premium Japanese Mini Rock Garden Meditation Gift Set. Home, Office Desk Accessories. Zen Sand Garden, 6 Tools, 12 Features. Office Desk Home Decor

Island Falls Home Zen Garden Kit 11X8 Inch Beautiful Premium Japanese Mini Rock Garden Meditation Gift Set. Home, Office Desk Accessories. Zen Sand Garden, 6 Tools, 12 Features. Office Desk Home Decor

Island Falls Home Zen Garden Kit 11X8 Inch Beautiful Premium Japanese Mini Rock Garden Meditation Gift Set. Home, Office Desk Accessories. Zen Sand Garden, 6 Tools, 12 Features. Office Desk Home Decor

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  • Wonderful High End Gift- Treat yourself or bring calm & happiness to loved ones. Japanese Zen Garden for desk; gorgeously packaged with the elements for inner peace. A delightful, deluxe, Zen gift set
  • Bring Japanese Decor to your Home. A generous 12 premium Asian inspired features for endless arranging. Cherry Blossom Trees, Shinto Torii Gate, Zen Rocks, ceramic Pagoda, Bridge, Lotus Flower, Moss
  • Beautiful, 100% Safe, CPSIA compliant Sand (16oz). Our Canadian supplier crushes specific rock producing sand with sparkle & No free Quartz or Silica. Avoid sand spills with our large wooden sand tray
  • Discover Surprising Meaning, History & Culture of the features in our coffee table top Japanese Zen Garden with our inspiring & informative exclusive guide to accompany your Desk Zen garden decoration
  • Be Creative & Indulge Your Imagination. Master the calming skill of sand raking with 6 lovingly handcrafted bamboo rakes & tools. Create stunning patterns in our indoor zen sand garden for desk

Product Description

Your sanctuary. A moment of calm... Inspired by our love of Japan

Welcome to Island Falls Home. We're a family-run business, based in England & we love what we do! We're delighted you've chosen to look at our Zen Garden.

It began when we visited Japan in 2017, venturing far from the hustle of the vibrant cities, we found ourselves amazed by the peaceful tranquility of Japanese Zen Gardens. We have developed 'The Zen Garden' with 5 simple aims:

  • To help you or your loved one achieve daily calm & relaxation
  • To capture the essence of Japan's wonderful gardens, in a unique, giftable, premium, desktop design
  • To offer the widest choice of beautiful tools & features, to individualize & reinvent
  • To provide cultural insight
  • Use only sand which is safe

We invite you to enjoy our delightful, luxury, mini Zen Garden kit, inspired by our visits to wonderful Japanese gardens. Using natural products where possible, our Zen Garden has been thoughtfully designed & crafted with all you need to discover the art of zen gardening. We're confident you'll love this product.

More Choice, More Space, More Sand: 12 traditional features for endless arranging possibilities

Our desktop Zen Gardens feature a single, larger space, not multiple smaller zones. This gives you the unrestricted pleasure of creating amazing patterns across a larger area. We believe this is the most satisfying, and the most reflective of traditional Zen Gardens. In addition to 16oz of deep Soft White Zen Garden Sand in a large 11 x 8 inch Black Wooden sandbox (& 6 bamboo tools), you'll discover 12 traditional features, each beautifully crafted with great attention to detail.

  • Torii - Traditional Japanese Shinto Gate (not found in many Zen Gardens!)
  • Sakura Cherry Blossom with natural bark base (2 Pcs)
  • Green Moss (2 Pcs - 1 small & 1 large)
  • Small natural River Rocks (1 Bag)
  • Large natural, black, smooth, stackable Zen Rocks (3 Pcs)
  • Pagoda (hand-painted ceramic)
  • Bridge
  • Lotus Flower

Have a browse through the enclosed color guide to reveal the meaning of the pieces. You may even learn some Japanese along the way. Japanese home decor such as our desk top Zen Garden will offer a peaceful escape.

At home or at work, our deluxe Japanese Zen Garden Kit is your path to mindful meditation. Customize to your hearts content!

Master Complex Patterns

With 6 tools, 12 features & a large tray with deep soft white sand, you're free to master complex patterns & designs. You'll be surprised by what you can create. Depending on your mood each day, you may find that you achieve the desired result using just a few features & a more simplistic pattern. With so many tools & features, enjoy the luxury & freedom of being able to make it truly yours, reinventing it over and over as you wish.

Great Home Office Decor

Have you or a loved one started working from home more during the last year? This may well be just what they need to restore a sense of calm. Our Zen Gardens feature one large space, not several small sections. For us, the joy of a Zen garden is the ability to create long, flowing patterns. We think you'll agree! Keep on the side for your coffee break, or to keep calm during stressful meetings or tasks.

100% Safe Soft Sparkling White Sand (16oz). Leak-proof packaging

Not ALL sand is the same. We're proud to use only 100% Safe, CPSIA & Prop. 65 compliant, Canadian-originating sand. Our carefully selected supplier crushes only specific rock, to produce beautifully soft, gently sparkling sand with No Contaminants & No free Quartz or Silica. You'll notice how incredibly clear your raked patterns appear in the sand. This is no coincidence. We tested multiple sand grain sizes to ensure we use the best!

More Tools: 6 beautifully handcrafted bamboo rakes & tools, enclosed in a ribbon gift box

Most sets offer 1-2 tools, sometimes in plastic, but we think that's like being an artist without the right paintbrushes. With our full set of six unique handmade bamboo tools, let your creativity run free, effortlessly creating healing meditative patterns in your zen sand garden for desk.

The larger tray has plenty of sand. With deep sides, you don't have to worry about spilling sand whilst still enjoying sand raking to the full.

  • Adjustable Five-spike rake (create extra-wide patterns)
  • Smoother tool (smooth the sand before a new design)
  • Triangular-toothed rake (design shallow, wide patterns)
  • Four-spike rake (mark out deep, narrow patterns)
  • Circle-drawing tool (form beautiful concentric rings)
  • Detailer stylus (draw free-form, unique patterns)

Our video demonstrates what you can achieve with these tools in your Japanese Sand Garden.

Getting the most from your Zen Rock Garden


Whether it's from work, commuting, or juggling life's pressures, the chances are we can all relate to stress or anxiety. Most studies agree that well over half of Americans suffer from regular stress, & anxiety affects an alarmingly high number of us. The good news is that for many, Zen Gardens are a perfect way to restore a sense of balance & calm. The arranging of features & raking of the sand encourages the mind and body to relax, by focussing on the here & the now.

Let's begin...

Simply fill the wooden tray of your zen sand garden with plentiful soft white sand. Enjoy choosing bamboo tools to create an array of designs that symbolize the landscape. Placing features in your raked landscape, lose yourself in a creative moment. Our deluxe Japanese sand garden is your path to mindful meditation. Use as a meditation kit or to simply relax & unwind.

Treat yourself or someone special

It's been a tough couple of years. Whether you're feeling stressed or anxious, or could just use some relaxation, our Zen Gardens could be just what you need. Why not treat a loved one. We've found they're popular as unique birthday, new home, thank you or new office gifts for all ages (from teens to adults), as well as for those who want to give the gift of calm.

The Benefits...

  • Relief from anxiety & everyday stress (sand tray therapy)
  • Fosters mindfulness & meditation. Meditation accessories will help you relax
  • Enjoy this fun, creative hobby
  • Improves focus & sparks creativity
  • Enhance yoga & relaxation routines
  • A great conversation starter!
  • Add a touch of Japanese tradition to your home decor or meditation room decor
  • Zen Garden Kit for Desk: Liven up your work space with this Japanese inspired office decoration

If you have any further questions, why not post a question on . We'll be sure to come back to you quickly, and we would love to share with you what makes our products special.

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